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10 Easy Steps to Effective Weight Loss

10 Easy Steps to Effective Weight Loss

Creating a Trim, Fit & Healthy Body & Lifestyle

It probably comes as no surprise to you that Americans (and also Britons) are among the fattest people on Earth. Two-thirds of us are overweight and half of us are obese. We try and try to shed those excess pounds, mostly without success. We spend $40 billion a year on diet programs, diet pills, diet foods and diet regimens. Obesity is an epidemic with a vast array of serious health consequences ranging from heart disease to diabetes, immune system dysfunction, osteoarthritis and even certain types of cancer.

The problem is that keeping weight off entails a major life shift that comes in conflict with the way most Americans currently live. In the age of drive-through fast food, supersized restaurant meals and jugs of sugar-laden soda, we’re expected to be slim and compete with body types achieved by movie stars and models.

Sadly, our preference for fast, easy food—often from a drive-through, rather than home cooked meals, has added on the pounds without any compensating additional activity. The majority of Americans work at least a 40-hour workweek sitting at a desk, compared to the lifestyle of active labor that kept our grandparents and their parents slim. Unfortunately, keeping your weight on target in today’s environment requires a great deal of self-restraint, something that’s often lacking in an ever complex and hectic world. With workloads and personal responsibilities increasing and less time to prepare healthy meals and get to the gym plus a high stress lifestyle, it’s no wonder that Americans are losing the fight against obesity.

Though we know that modern, Western lifestyles are the culprit in obesity, for the most part we’ve approached our national weight problem as if it were a disease that could be cured by medication and surgery. Instead of making healthy diet and exercise modifications, many Americans turn to deleterious options in order to lose weight without having to change their lives. They may resort to crash diets, which can endanger the body by depriving it of vital nutrients and, in the end, can exacerbate weight problems by causing long-term alterations in metabolism. Desperate for weight loss, some people turn to extreme diets of only grapefruit, only meat or three “square meals” of cookies a day! It seems obvious that you cannot get the required variety of nutrients from such a selective diet, yet the pressure to be thin can drive people to extreme and often unhealthy measures.

My own grandmother, Fritzie, taught me how to take care of my body head to toe, inside and out, using only natural remedies. Today, scientific research is confirming the wisdom of my grandmother and of ancient natural living traditions. Exercise, healthy food choices and portion control are the key to losing weight and maintaining that weight forever, but so are some other secrets detailed in this book that can make that journey even easier.

In this e-Book, I use my 30+ years of expertise as a health educator at UCLA, my work with clients worldwide and my passion for healthy living to guide you toward the best ways to lose weight, stay healthy and keep the weight off for good.

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