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About David Craddock, MA(Oxon), BA(Hons)

David Craddock is an independent consultant specialising in employee share ownership and reward management.  He is a recognised authority, in the UK and worldwide, on employee share ownership and is the author of The Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes, The ICSA Employee Share Schemes Handbook, and the employee benefit scheme and tax sections in The Croner Reward A to Z Essentials of Pay and Benefits, as well as The ESOP Institute Course Study Notes for The Certificate in Employee Share Ownership Studies.


Since establishing David Craddock Consultancy Services in 1997, David has developed a varied clientele ranging from major public limited companies with international considerations to smaller private companies where the requirements are for Enterprise Management Incentives, tax-unapproved share scheme arrangements and market-making employee share trust structures.  David has successfully established employee share schemes and employee benefit arrangements across Continental Europe, the Americas, the Far East, the Middle East, Australasia and Africa as well as in the U.K. and Ireland and to date has travelled into 32 countries to personally facilitate their introduction including the launch communication to employees.  He enhances his service to clients through a long experience in share reconstructions and share valuation.


David’s specialist consultancy skills cover all aspects of scheme design, share capital restructuring, tax-efficiency, legal compliance, implementation, administration, communication and the on-going maintenance of the schemes.  Significant success has been achieved with client companies – quoted and unquoted – in developing innovative strategies based on bespoke tax-efficient solutions in employee share ownership programmes and the design of schemes to achieve optimum response from participants at all levels in terms of performance and motivation.


David contributes regularly to conferences and seminars on employee share schemes.  Contributions over the years have been made for The ESOP Centre at their international conferences in Brussels, Florence, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Rome, Davos, Cannes and Paris, for The ESOP Centre Channel Islands conferences in Jersey and Guernsey that are organized jointly with The Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners, for ProShare at their international London conference and as guest keynote speaker in Edinburgh at their annual conference and for the US-based National Centre for Employee Ownership in Chicago and San Francisco.


In 2005, David addressed The ESOP Centre conference in Cape Town and The Chamber of Mines in Johannesburg on his research into the linkage between employee share schemes and personal motivation.  In 2008, he chaired and was the guest speaker at The Institute of International Research conference on Share Schemes and ESOPs held in Johannesburg.  On a regular basis, David speaks for The Institute of Directors at their employee share ownership conferences that are held at 116 Pall Mall in London.  He has spoken as a guest speaker on four occasions at the conference of The World Centre for Employee Ownership in Cannes in 2001 and in 2011, in Paris in 2012 and in Barcelona in 2013.  He also spoke in Davos in 2000 at the employee share schemes conference that was organised to follow the World Economic Forum of that year.  He addressed the New York High Table Event on Employee Share Ownership in 2014 and the 26th European Annual Conference of The European Employee Share Ownership Centre that was held in Rome in 2014.  In 2017, David addressed The British Isles Employee Share Schemes Symposium in London on The Case for Employee Ownership and is scheduled to address The Employee Share Schemes Paris Summit Conference in 2018 on Global Equity Plan Employee Communication.


David’s research is renowned on the relationship between employee share ownership and employment levels, the strategic role of employee share ownership in a market enterprise economy, and the role of incentive in macro-economic planning by national governments. It’s been used for representations to The British Government — in relation to executive remuneration and the role of employee share schemes and equity in motivational remuneration packages, and to The European Commission —in relation to the tax-efficient use of the employee share trust in establishing succession planning in SMEs and management buyouts.


David holds an MA and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from University College, Oxford and has acquired over 30 years’ experience in the field of employee share schemes, employee benefits, company buyouts and more.


As a health enthusiast, David exercises daily and emphasizes a nutrient-rich diet.  His strong Christian faith fuels his enthusiasm for celebrating others, keeping a positive attitude and creating a successful life.  David also gives talks worldwide on how faith and integrity in your personal life and the workplace bolster success in your business life, how to keep employees motivated through wellness and share ownership programmes, and simple ways to invest money wisely and grow wealth.


For more information on David, please visit: DavidCraddock.com • TimeForInvestment.com • BooksToUPLIFT.com