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“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me; and I give them eternal life.”

Susan’s Interviews & Talks

Webinar — Invest in Yourself with Exercise

Here’s a very inspiring and empowering Webinar by world-renowned Healthy Living Expert Susan Smith Jones, PhD. It will motivate you and others to exercise for life. It covers the ABC’s of Effective Exercise including why, how, when and where to exercise to get surefire results, and it offers practical and unique ways to get healthy and fit… at any age, even into your 80s and 90s she says. And Susan should know. She taught health and fitness classes to students, staff, and faculty at UCLA for 30 years and has written over 30 holistic health books. You’ll learn how exercise can increase income, strengthen bones, boost immunity, improve heart health and circulation, make your brain stronger and younger, beautify skin, reduce aches and pains, increase flexibility and so much more! If you have been lacking in motivation to move your body more, be more active and create your healthiest life, you’ll appreciate this Webinar. It’s practical, upbeat and humorous, too. Enjoy! Webinar: Invest in Yourself with Exercise

15 Water-Rich Foods to Stay Hydrated & Detoxified: Simple Ways to Eat Your Water

A fish without water can’t breathe, and we can’t live without water either! According to Susan, staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay vibrant and youthful no matter our age, and to also maintain a proper body weight, but most of us are dehydrated without even realizing it. While drinking water can easily meet this requirement, eating lots of water-rich foods not only helps you meet your proper hydration needs, but it also offers a wealth of health benefits. On the program This Week in America, Susan focuses on how to keep your body hydrated with foods high in water content along with a little information on each food and why staying hydrated is so important. You will want to take notes on the 15 superfoods she says are hugely water-rich and health-enriching.

Foods that Destroy & Support Brain Health

While we might not be able to be in control of all aspects concerning our personal brain health since genetics are involved, we can certainly choose which foods to eat and which to avoid to help maximize our brains’ abilities well into old age. On the show This Week in America, with host Ric Bratton, Susan features the best foods and supplements to eat (or not eat!) if you want vibrant wellness and brain vitality well into older age. You’ll learn about foods that impact depression, anger, aggression, irritability, memory loss, focus, concentration, inflammation, emotional disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, strokes, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more. You may be surprised at some of the foods on the “naughty” and “nice” lists.

Healthy Eating Tips & Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Weight Gain, Fatigue & Depression During the Holidays

Many people gain between 5 – 12 pounds from Halloween through the first week of January. How would you like to go through the holidays this year, or any holiday or vacation during the entire year, without gaining a pound? Does that sound impossible to you? You can do it with the help of Dr. Susan. In this interview on Here’s to Your Health with host Dr. Karla Calumet, Susan offers some surefire tips that will help keep extra weight, as well as fatigue and depression, at bay. Let this be the first time you ring in the New Year (or a new season or month) without feeling overstuffed, bloated, fatigued and down on yourself for overindulging. Enjoy!

The Healing Power of Molecular Hydrogen

On the radio show This Week in America, with host Ric Bratton, Susan discusses Molecular Hydrogen — an astounding new health therapy found to be the most effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ever identified. Over 1,200 peer-reviewed studies prove that molecular hydrogen is a miracle element and can offer a wide variety of health benefits to essentially every organ and cell of the body and nearly 170 different disease models. It is that miraculous. It is all natural, non-habit forming, no risk of overdose, no prescription needed, and has no negative side effects. Susan uses Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen supplements daily (via Tablets or Inhaler) and has seen astounding results personally and with her clients and people worldwide who are now experiencing whole-body, high-level wellness. Molecular hydrogen supports healthy weight loss, healthy blood pressure, cognitive function, relief from joint and muscle pain, energy and vitality, younger skin, allergy relief, restful sleep, athletic performance and recovery time, cellular hydration, hangover prevention and relief, positive attitude and mood and so much more. “Susan says that an investment in your health is the best investment you can make and taking Molecular Hydrogen every day is a great place to start.”

Here’s a Concise Fact Sheet on Molecular Hydrogen Therapy to Print for Family & Friends

Why & How to Avoid Sugar: Lose Weight & Sweet Cravings

Don’t be alarmed — but something is hiding in your food. From the cereal you had for breakfast, to the dressing on your salad, to the ketchup on your fries, an addictive substance is lurking in many foods that you’d never suspect. On the radio show, Here’s to Your Health with host Dr. Karla Calumet, Susan talks about enemy #1 — Sugar — when it comes to the health of everyone. In fact, according to Susan, in our effort to listen to doctors’ (and government guidelines) to consume less fat and cholesterol, Americans (and Brits) have turned to so-called “healthy” low-fat foods that were actually loaded with sugar. In this riveting and upbeat interview, Susan shares her best tips on why we should eliminate sugar from our diets, how to do it, and surefire ways to eradicate sugar cravings.

Aging Healthfully, Happily & Gracefully: 10 Tips for Living a More Sacred, Balanced Life in Body, Mind & Spirit

On the program Here’s to Your Health, Dr. Susan and host Dr. Karla Calumet will inspire you with simple, practical ways to live a more fulfilling life. It was Mark Twain who once wrote: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Let’s face it, we all age, but do we always need to look like we’re aging? Is it possible to slow down the aging process? And why is it that some celebrities and other people look the same today as they did 10 years ago, while others look like they’ve aged 30 years in 10 years. For over 35 years, Susan has focused many of her studies on longevity, anti-aging and high-level wellness. On this program, she offers 10 surefire tips to help keep our body, mind and spirit youthful…no matter our age. Susan shares that… “The body reflects the mind, and the mind reflects the spirit, and we all have within us the power to age gracefully, live fully and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.” Enjoy!

Heal Your Body By Maintaining a Healthy Acid / Alkaline Balance

On the program This Week in America, with host Ric Bratton, Susan goes into great detail on the importance of maintaining an alkaline pH, eating an alkaline diet and neutralizing acidity for high-level wellness. The pH levels of the body’s internal fluids (a scale from 1 — 14) affect every single cell, organ and system of our body. Increases or decreases in pH creates an environment conducive to disease. A highly acidic diet creates a medical condition called metabolic acidosis which most people have and don’t even know it. What causes this acidic shift, what are acidic and alkaline foods, how to rid the body of acidic toxins, how alkaline water rejuvenates and energizes the body, how to deliver maximum nutrients to cells, what lifestyle practices help maintain the proper pH balance for vitality at any age and more is featured in this national interview.

Tips for Easy Full-Body Cleanse & Detoxification Year-Round

On the radio show Here’s to Your Health with host Dr. Karla Calumet, Susan teaches that one of the greatest health secrets is that you have control over the pollution in your body. If you keep a balanced and clean internal environment, you won’t succumb to the toxic build-up so prevalent in most people’s bodies. Those who cleanse regularly look and feel younger, are much healthier and live a longer life than those who ignore the need to internally cleanse. Indeed, internal cleansing can dramatically improve the quality of your overall health. When the body is clean, it can absorb more efficiently the essential nutrients it needs to heal, repair and maintain good health. So the next time you hear the expression, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” understand that it conveys an extremely important aspect of health and rejuvenation: The more cleansed you keep your miraculous body, the more room you’ll have to be filled with God’s Light. Listen to Susan talk about her surefire tips to detoxify the body from head to toe below.

How to Sleep Like a Baby

On the popular Christian program, Here’s to Your Health, Susan and host Dr. Karla Calumet discuss the importance of getting ample sleep every night… no matter your age. If you could use some extra sleep, you’re not alone. Over the past 40 years, people have cut their snooze time by one to two hours a night. In America and the UK, we now sleep less than people in any other industrialized country. What’s going on? How does this deprivation affect our bodies. Susan offers her best guidance on this serious sleep issue and surefire tips on how we can all sleep like a baby night after night after night.

You will also learn about Susan’s sacred, daily practice of reading the Bible before she goes to sleep and when awakening each morning. This lively, enthusiastic interview will definitely not put you to sleep.  

Thrive & Prosper Each Day

On the popular program, This Week in America, with host Ric Bratton, here’s an interview with Susan entitled Thrive & Prosper Each Day — spotlighting a variety of topics to create a more halcyon, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. She covers simple changes we can all make in our day-to-day lifestyle to produce the biggest, most positive and awe-inspiring results. You’ll learn how to bolster self-esteem and confidence; the effect extra body weight has on prosperity and success; how to get off the spin-cycle lifestyle and into the win-cycle lifestyle; ways to achieve goals more effortlessly; what you always want to do each morning to ensure a victorious day; how Susan lives a faith-filled, God-centered life and more.

RAWvolution: The Healing Power of Raw Foods

On the American, national radio program This Week in America, hosted by Ric Bratton, Dr. Susan focuses on… RAWvolution: The Healing Power of Raw Foods and how they revitalize the body from head-to-toe, inside out — physically, mentally, and spiritually. You’ll learn about a variety of practical, simple foods you can add to your diet that will transform your health. Their conversation covered greens, chlorophyll, enzymes, blood pressure, inflammation, cholesterol, anti-aging, and glycotoxins. She also reported on how raw foods beautify skin, increase friendly bacteria in the gut, boost antioxidant levels, reduce joint pain, whittle the waistline, create a healthy digestive system, detoxify the cells and body, strengthen one’s spiritual life, and so much more. You will also hear about Susan’s God-centered, faith-based lifestyle.

Sweating Your Way to Vibrant Health

On the program This Week in America with host Ric Bratton, Susan will keep you on the edge of your seat with her discussion of Heat Therapy. Today sweating is not only “in,” it’s been proven to be one of the healthiest things a body can do. Nothing beats the feeling and overall well-being or the health benefits you get after you’ve worked up a “good sweat” and the easiest key to a “good sweat” is a sauna. When saunas are used regularly, studies have shown such benefits as improvement of blood circulation, restored youthfulness, toxin and heavy metal reduction, weight control, cellulite reduction, skin cleansing and rejuvenation, allergy reduction, muscle and joint pain decrease and so much more. But what is the best kind of sauna to use — a wet steam room, a traditional dry sauna or an infrared sauna? Susan highly recommends the infrared sauna and you’ll learn why it’s the best, how to take a proper sauna to reap all the benefits and why it’s so important to have your own personal sauna in your home. As Susan says, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness and taking regular saunas in the comfort of your own home will keep your God-given body temple cleansed, detoxified and rejuvenated year-round.


The ABCs of Sprouts & How They Supercharge Vitality — Part 1

Susan extols the virtues of sprouts in this radio interview on This Week in America. As she enthusiastically opines, sprouts are nature’s little miracles. In his poetry collection entitled Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman wrote, “The smallest sprout shows there is really no death.” You start with a small, dry, hard seed. Add air and a little water and watch as new life emerges as if by magic from the dormant seed. Vibrant with life and bursting with energy, its tiny size belies the extraordinary activity that takes place while growing. In mere hours, and at a cost to you of just pennies, its delicate shoot proceeds to provide the most vital food imaginable. After listening to this motivating interview, not only will you want to purchase Susan’s book Kitchen Gardening, but you will be ready to start your adventure into the wonderful world of sprouting. And even if you don’t want to grow sprouts at home, you’ll be inspired to add store-bought sprouts, these gems of nature, into your healthy diet.



The ABCs of Sprouts & How They Supercharge Vitality — Part 2

Continuing the discussion and giving a different perspective on the health benefits of sprouts and how to grow them, Susan joins Dr. Karla Calumet on her radio program Here’s to Your Health. You will learn about the best seeds to sprout, where to purchase them, seven reasons to cultivate homegrown sprouts, simple tips to start kitchen gardening immediately, why fresh sprouts should be the cornerstone of a healthy diet and so much more.

10 Power-Boosting Superfoods & 10 Health-Destroying Foods

When you shop at the grocery store, are you often feeling befuddled on which foods are the best ones to consume and which ones you should avoid if being healthy is your goal and you wish to lose weight and create a fit, strong body? In this interview on Here’s to Your Health with host Dr. Karla Calumet, Susan demystifies which superfoods should be top on your list and which ones destroy health. Susan also introduces us to Molecular Hydrogen and how taking simple H2 Tablets and using an Inhaler can bolster vitality. Molecular Hydrogen is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with over 1,200 peer-reviewed studies that prove it’s a miracle element that offers a wide variety of health benefits to essentially every organ of the body and nearly 170 disease models. To listen now, hit play below.